Day: 06/03/2008


went to Wokcano in Burbank the other day.


as i tried walking into the restaurant, why? the door was locked. i thought it was opened til 2am!! with the confusion on me, this one chick inside eating sushi with a fork (lol) pointed the other side and saw a entrance there… you call this embarrassment or what.. hahha.


loved the atmosphere at the place. toned with black and wood with musics playing not too loud. as i was looking around, i glanced at the sushi bar and saw a Latinoguy making sushi. no offense for that. its just that why was he wearing a sunshade in the sushi bar? couldnt take my eyes off of him.. lol


as for their viands, i dont have much comments on it. being an asian for 23 years and 5 months, they are one of the common asian cuisines to me. maybe a good place for a date though.