on Friday, went to a bar called “Bayside” in Torrance, CA which is right behind my house lol went there with Yuki, Yushi and Nori-kun. heres some pics from the bar which i have stolen from yuki’s blog ( sorry didn’t know how to do the link thingy majjigy html tag and too lazy to google it right now… hahha

金曜日はカリフォルニア州のトーランス市にある「ベイサイド」に行ってきました。ちなみにウチの真裏(笑。ユキとユウシとノリ君らとの4人で。んで早速ユキがブログに写真アップしてたんで、速攻でパクった写真がこちら。あ、ちなみにユキのブログはこちら、 リンクのためのタグよぉーわからんからコピペw。調べるのがダルかったので…後勘弁をね。うん。

the bartender Shino.



smiley Nori-kun.



dead fish Yushi.


with Yuki. yea baby sit on my lap.


after the bar, went to Max Karaoke which also is located in Torrance. 6, 7minutes away from Bayside. went there and sang for maybe 2 hours? it was already close to 5am… hahha



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