Day: 06/10/2008


heres some pictures when my friend was over. he was reading comic books and making phone calls. had a great amount of spare time in this boredom. so i placed the world’s greatest invention, the “pig lighter” on the foreground and started taking picture a old Canon Power Shot A510 which generates energy from AA batteries… lol

今日の写真は友達が来ていた時のものです。マンガ読んで電話してさ彼は。もの凄い暇だよねそんな時って…そこで暇人の俺は名発明品の「ブタライター」を前面に置いてパシャったさ時代遅れのCanon Power Shot A510で。ちなみにこのデジカメ、乾電池AAで動いております。

LG KU990 Viewty

the Viewty, mainly focusing on as a digital camera. still debating with myself should i get it or not… some people over at Art Center were using the device for their art projects. but a cellphone camera can be that professional? as reading the specs, seems better than a regular cell phone camera. 5.0 mega pixel with a lot of settings from white balance to iso and manual focusing with video editing. but hey, how about the Viewty as a regular cell phone? i use to have the PRADA phone for a while. similar model to the Viewty but with less feature. as a cell phone itself, PRADA phone did not make me erect at all. their touch screen was not cooperative as i thought. i tried pressing 2 and 5 comes up. had a hard time texting hello.. couldnt be like the iPhone. well, it came before the iPhone did so yea i will give props fo the technology. but as a user, thumbs down. the cellphone it self looks high class though. slim black body and comes with the leather case with PRADA logo engraved. here are some pics i took before.

LGのViewtyはカメラ携帯と呼ぶに相応しい感じですね。ただ、買おうかどぅか悩んでしまう…Art Centerの生徒で何人かこのViewtyで課題の写真と撮っているそぅで。携帯のカメラでそこまで出来るの?って思ったけど、スペック見て結構納得です。5メガピクセルでホワイトバランスやらISOまで設定出来るときてマニュアルフォーカス可能。更にビデオ編集も出来る。でも携帯としての機能はどうだろう?前にPRADA携帯持ってたけど、モデル的にViewtyのご先祖様だね。まぁカメラは2メガで機能もViewtyより少ないけど。このPRADA携帯、確実に萎える。タッチスクリーンがめちゃめちゃ使いにくい。2押したら5出てくる。Helloってテキストで打つのも大変。iPhoneみたいにはいかないね。でもまぁ、iPhoneより先にフルタッチで出したってとこは賞賛に値するよね(偉そうにw)。でもやっぱ一人のユーザーとしては却下。見た目はお洒落だけどね。持ってたらモテそうな感じ。黒基調のスリムボデーでPRADAの刻印入りのレザーケース付き。前撮った写真があるから見てみて。



hmmmm what shall i do…