Day: 06/11/2008

Beyonce Knowles

yes yes Beyonce Knowles. yea shes hot. but have you seen the JDM Beyonce Knowles? a Japanese comedian  named “Naomi Watanabe” is been famous for impersonating Beyonce. hahha yes yes funny chick she is. its completely the dark side of the ying-yang. the way she dances is hilarious! check her out on Youtube.


Boost Gauge

the other day, my boss over at LOT USA gave me this huuuuuuge boost gauge thats like 15 years ago when he use to be a auto mechanic. this was used for testing purpose only. yea i bit know one will have a huge boost gauge like this on their FD RX7 lol. yea its huge. bigger then my cigarette box… hahha should i install this in my car for the next show? but where… should i hang it from my rear view mirror? hahha

以前、弊社LOT USAの社長様よりこのバカでかいブースト計を頂ました。いや、デカイ。15年ぐらい前の代物では?もっと前か?そんな前じゃない?まぁワカンナイけどw。なんでもテスト用で使うとか。そぅだよね。こんなデカいのFDの7とかには絶対に無理でしょう…だってタバコの箱よりもデカイ…笑。次のイベントの時にコレつけて行こうかな?でもどこにつけよう?リアビューミラーにでもぶらさげよぅかしら(笑