Day: 06/13/2008

Searching for me?

i was checking my stats on wordpress and i see my name under search key word thingy that people use to find my blog. or with which key word they found my blog. someone searching for me?? yea its Friday the 13th today… actually the search was made by yesterday but still… 😦


TOYOTA Human Touch Ad.

friend of mine sent me a link of a kool Toyota ad which is the Human Touch series. Its a bit freaky, but hey its a kool thing showing Toyota’s craftsmanship. and the significance of their relationship between customers. i love the part where the guy in the head light turns the direction while the driver is turning. what if this was all hot girls? i’m staying all day long. specially the seat/seat belt. she can buckle me up the whole day. or if its a hot girl driving… then its a sure thing i will be the seat and the seat belt buckling her with a extra harness from the center. or maybe a manual transmission? lol


Today is Friday the 13th

didn’t recognize until one of my customer told me its Friday the 13th. well, don’t really care.. hahha.