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DOME came up with this new Le Mans race car with a closed body in the same category as… as… sorry forgot lol. but yea they will be classfied in the upper level. think it was ADUI and others. i heard BMW will be entering this years Le Mans as well… we’ll see. but yea, S102. for DOME, it will be their 16th challenge to the Le Mans. the engine is JUDD’s ( 5.5Liter V10 N/A. transmission is from XTRAC (, 6 speed sequential shifter. tire is Michelin (  with the closed body, the drag level is 9% reduced compared to their S101.5 and their downforce have increased by 18%. this closed body looks like an space ship. the driver will be Daisuke Ito, Tatsuya Kataoka, and Yuji Tachikawa. thought the drivers will be from Toyota teams. but guess not. Mr. Mori from DOME wanted “Daisuke Ito” to be the main driver for S102.


well well, seems like they dont have enough time to test the vehicle. this year will be eventful.



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