Glamorous Stage

June 15th 2008 was my friend’s shop “Glamorous Stage” ‘s first annual anniversary. Glamorous Stage is located on Melrose Ave., between Fairfax Ave. and La Brea Ave. close to Ed Hardy. unfortunately, i couldnt take my foot there since i had to do some stuffs at home. so i made her a gift. hopefully she will love it. i made their very first catalog and one of their ads for a free paper. the 1st anniversary means a lot to me as well.

6月の15日は友人のショップ、Glamorous Stageの一周年記念パーティーでした。Glamorous Stageはメルローズにあるショップです。Melrose沿いでFairfaxとLa Breaの間にあります。パーティーに呼ばれていながらも出席出来なかったのが残念…涙。行けなかったのが申し訳ないのでプレゼントを作ったッス。出来たばっかの頃に僕が一番最初のカタログを作って、フリーペーパー用の広告も一個作らさせてもらった事があります。彼女達のこの一周年記念は僕にとっても大事な想いがあります。やっぱ知人が一生懸命頑張っていてそれが成功するってのは嬉しい事です。

heard they had foods and dj and couple of sale items. hopefully, i will be able to visit their next anniversaries. all the clothing line ups are designed by the owner of Glamorous Stage, Kanako Saeki. recently they opened a nail salon in Torrance on the corner of 182nd st and western ave. the nailist there, she has technics. heard she was one of the champion of a nail tournament. not really sure though… when you have time, please visit them and take a look at her works. here are some picture of the shop in Melrose which was taken Fall of last year.

聞いた話によれば簡単な食事にDJも来ていたとか。んでもってセールも。来年こそは行けるといいな。2周年、3周年と毎年。ちなみにGlamorousさんの洋服、全てオーナーのカナちゃんが自分でデザインしています。さっすがやネ。最近ではネイルサロンの方も営業を始めたみたいで。サロンの場所はトーランスのWestern Ave.と182nd St.にあります。ここのネイリスト、素人目で見た感じでもかなり技持ってますね。噂ではネイルの大会の優勝者とかなんとか。皆様是非一度足を運んでください。下の写真は去年の秋頃に撮られた写真です。


  1. おぉ~!凄く良か感じのお店ですね。是非Matoiも置いてもらえたら・・・

  2. Great Site!

    Thanks for the information – Fashion as you know is so hard to keep on top of these days, so its to the blogs for information! Keep up the good posts!

    Cheer and be well. 🙂



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