Thank you Tony

Tony from Skunk2 sent me this link of his car the other day. didnt know MAZDA had a page like this. they have several profiles of MAZDA owners who tuned them up. what a industry friendly MAZDA is.  and Tony’s profile is under their. it shows his modifications and photos of his RX-7 with all of his sponsors. there is also an paragraph of why the owner chose this specific product. like he chose the BRIDE seats and etc etc. Tony, not only listed his modifications, but he also lited his sponsors and names and yes my name is on their. good job Tony good job. thats how people should represent their sponsors. i hate when those newbies asks for a full sponsorship when they dont even do sh*t for us. they just think sponsorship is a thing where you get a product for certain discount and just have a sticker on the car. no way mang. thats not gonna help anyone spread the market. sponorship is business. and if we cannot visualize a profit from you, we are not gonna approve the contract. its been like that and thats how it works. rounds of applause for Tony being a great partner.



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