Day: 06/25/2008


past weekend was SPOCOM hosted by PM Distributing. the venue was at Long Beach Convention Center which was an easy access for us LOT USA members. the show started from 11am til 6pm. congrats to people over at Auto Concept for winning a huge number of trophies 🙂 they are still the defending champion of the show. good job guys! wish my cars was there… but yea it was at the ENEOS booth supporting you guys. here are some pictures of my car and our booth from the show.

先週はロングビーチのコンベンションセンターでSPOCOMっていうイベントでした。LOT USAにしてみたらメッチャ近かったからラッキーでしたよ。イベントは朝11時から夕方6時まで。Auto Conceptの皆さんオメデトウございます。かなりの数のトロフィーをもらってたよね。良くやった。俺もメンバーなのにそこに車は無かった…涙。でもちゃんとENEOSのブースから応援してたさっ!!ってなわけでウチのブースの写真とか俺の車の写真とか。

geesh Alicia was hot.


over all, i think the show was… decent. just kick back and chill under the tent. if there was more vendors, then there might have been more peoples visiting. but since its PM’s event, the only vendors that were there was all the makers that PM carries as for their line card and thats it. plus show cars and Formula D cars. are we gonna attend next year? i don’t know yet.

全体的に見てイベントはまぁまぁだったかな。とりあえずのんびりテントの下でユックリな感じで。もっとベンダーが居れば客も増えてたんだろぅけど、PMの扱ってる商品のメーカーさんしか来なかったからね。まぁこんなもんでしょ。それに展示車輌で車のチームとかFormulda Dの車輌が来てたりとか。え?来年も行くかって?そりゃーわかりませんな。


yay finally bought my SLR digi-cam 🙂 i got the CANON EOS REBEL XSi.

やっとデジタル一眼レフを買いました。CANONのEOS REBEL XSi。

i was looking at the 40D but it was $500 more… didnt think i’m able to use that $500 difference to the full capacity at this time. hahha. now that the batter is fully charged, i’m shooting such a random stuff in my room. from a clock to a can of coke and necklace.




to me, the XSi was easier to operate then the NIKON D50 which i use to barrow from ENEOS. all the settings will be on the actual 3 inch lcd screen on the camera body. this lcd is very clear. the button operation is smooth and with some high class feeling. ISO setting from 100-1600. the lens that came with the kit is 18-55mm and 1/3.5-5.6. i was looking for a lens with f2.5 or lower but they didnt have any in stock at the time so… yea. the thing i didnt like is their live view. maybe its because of my settings, but when i use the live view, the shutter speed becomes slower. hmmm.. gotta find a trick if i could fix this problem or not. but the great part of the live view is, when you change the shutter speed settings or like the f numbers, it actually shows on the lcd how the picture will come out. probably set the number from the live view and then shoot the subject manually from the lens. but over all, i really love this camera 🙂