Day: 07/17/2008


LOT USA will now be distributing products from MOONFACE. yes now we have a direct connection bonded together between us and MOONFACE. all of their overseas inquiry from the world will be fowarded to my email for service and any necessary procedures to be taken care of. not to mention, i am the marketing manager for LOT USA and yes i work…i dont just sign onto myspace and leave comments to all the peopleor be on facebook spreading those human pets applications poking people with hadoken lol. now that we are the official distributor of their products, we will have the items in stock. probably the roll center adjuster and the tie-rod end will be our current focus upon marketing.

弊社LOT USAはMOONFACEの商品の販売を始めます。現在、MOONFACEの海外向けのEメールなどは全て僕の会社のメールアカウントに転送されてます。大変だ…笑。まぁ全部が全部来てるかはわかりませんけどね。そっからカスタマーサービスやら商品のオーダー、新規ディーラーの開拓なんかもやっていきます。これでも管理職です僕。ちゃんと働いてますよぉ!Myspaceとかログインして姉ちゃん達にコメントばっか残してるわけでも無ければ、Facebookでヒューマン・ペットのアプリケーショばら撒いて人の事ポークしまくってるわけじゃないっすよ(笑。さてさて話がずれましたが、れっきとした販売元になったので、在庫も置く予定です。多分ロールセンターアジャスターとタイロッドエンドですね。まずそこら辺のマーケットに集中しようかと。

 ***Courtesy of MOONFACE***

so what is a roll center adjuster? basically, it adjusts the roll center… sorry that was b/s hahha. ok, so here is how the roll center adjuster works. when your vehicle is lowered, the roll center will be off numbered. the lower arm will be doing the Chun-Li’s “BANZAI” style, raising the two arms. same as how you get an camber when you lower you car and needs an allignment. basically, this product adjusts that difference of the raised lower arm to have the ball joint to the best setting close as possible to the manufacturer’s number. this will actually give you more cornering speed during time attacks and more smoke during drifting.


heres a picture that shows the two difference.


***Courtesy of MOONFACE***

the left image is without the roll center adjuster. the left picture is with the roll center adjuster. do you see the differece? i know the image a bit too small… i only had the image which i stole from the web. but hopefully, you guys can at least view the difference of the two. with this difference of the angle, the steering response and the tire traction will be much more improved.


official MOONFACE website.