NISSEI WEEK 2008, Off Shots

here are some pics i got from Brian today 🙂


the third picture is where we ate. the place is called Ebisu. not Yebisu Circuit like the one Mr. Kumakubo owns, or not the Yebisu Beer thats hella expensive for a 6 can ($17.95 USD). its, EBISU. i ordred the TenZaru-Udon, which is the cold Udon (noodles) with some tempuras on the side. Ebisu gave me 3 shrimp tempuras 🙂 i looove shirmp tempuras..

三枚目の写真はウチラが食べたとこです。場所の名前は「エビス」。熊久保さんが所有してる恵比寿サーキットでなければアメリカじゃーめっちゃ高い($17.95USD)するエビスビールでもありません。エビスです。自分が頼んだのは天ざるのうどん。なんとえびの天ぷら3本も付いてきた :)。めっちゃ好きなんよねエビの天ぷら♪

no no your in my way!!


shrimp tempura… yummmm…


finish 🙂


o yea here is a pic of the place.


and one of the recommended “Dragon Roll”. now thats gangsta.


of course the food was good. but the best is the ice cold water. we got a winner here. yes.



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