Shell, Ferrari Advertisement

i saw this clip at Adam from Z1’s blog ( today. this was actually my first time seeing this. reeeeeeeaallyyyy koooool ad. shows the history of the Ferrari race car and they are real. bad assss exhaust sound of them. i should make it as my ring tone. or maybe for my text message alert. hahha. btw, i saw the F430 on for sale with a price of $90,000 USD. sports car and exotic car prices are lowering right now… even a 06 Porsche Boxter S was below $50,000 USD. found a Aston Martin Vantage V8 for a low price too. well, yea still expensive. but with this rate of prices, i should be able to purchase a F430 when i’m like 45 years old (currently 23 as of 2008). fair age to drive a Ferrari yea?


so below is the clip of the actual ad. enjoy!! and get your speakers loud 🙂

下のクリップがそのCMです。見てみてっ!!あと、スピーカーの音量アップで 🙂

here is some of the making scene of the ad.



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