Month: November 2008

Beautiful Pig

the t-shirt my boss was wearing made me laugh.


hahahaha its a pig with a Loui Vitton monogram mock-up lol


got a good laugh from it this morning 🙂


LOT USA Time Attack Event


2009 will be LOT USA/BRIDE’s 15th anniversary. i will be lauching a time attack event partnered with REDLINE Time Attack on May 23rd 2009 over at California Speedway (Auto Club Speedway) in Fontana, CA. still planning on different plans right now for the track event… there will be vendor spaces of course and depending on availablity, i will have a car show as well. of course, no FAKE shiets in this event 🙂 . RECARO, SPARCO owners are more then welcome as well and any other seat owners 🙂 what i want to do is to have fun during the event and have more people get experienced on track.  and of course celebrate our 15th anniversary. other then the track event, i will be throwing a party in Hollywood, or maybe in LA. still talking over dinero issues and others with my promoters. once all the files and proposals are completed, i can open the vehicle registration for the event. hopefully i can square off everything early December and start collecting funds. i know its becoming a last minute… i just gotta do what i can do right now. please keep your eyes out for the event. if you have any question, leave a comment with your email listed so i can email you directly with information 🙂 thanks guys!! please look foward t this event!!

2009年は弊社LOT USA/BRIDEは15周年を迎えさせて頂きます。それに伴い、REDLINE Time Attackさんと共同でタイムアタックのイベントを主催させて頂きます。日程は5月23日(土)、カリフォルニア州のフォンタナにあるカリフォルニアスピードウェイにて開催します。まだ細かい事を色々と考え中でして…ちゃんとベンダー用の展示スペースも確保してあります。余裕があれば、ちょっとしたカーショーなんかもやろぅかと思ってます。もちろん、偽者は厳禁です 🙂 何がしたいかってただ単純に楽しみたいだけです。もっと大勢の人にモータースポーツの楽しみをわかってもらいたいので。それともちろん15周年記念を祝うためッス。サーキットイベント意外に、ハリウッド、もしくはLAでクラブでもやろうか考えてます。まだまだ金銭面でのお話が進んでおらず困ったもんです。プロモーターの皆さんとの打ち合わせも中々進まず。ファイルやら企画書が全て整い次第、車輌のレジストを受け付け開始しますんで。12月の頭には全て片付けて、費用を色々と掻き集めたいですね。なんかもう全てがギリギリになって来てる…今出来る事をやるっ気ゃないッス。皆様、お目目を光らせておいて下さいまし。何か質問等ありましたらコメントを残して頂いて、Eメールなんかを一緒に書いておいてもらえればこちらから連絡します 🙂 イベント楽しみにしてて下さいねっ!!


will it be raining this weekend…??? mang we have a container coming in… lol i dont want the boxes to be all wet and stuff you know… sigh… i heard its gonna rain hard on tuesday and wednesday… o yea, btw our container is stuck in customs because of some T-SHIRTS. wtf mang…



went to GLAMOROUS Stage over the weekend to shoot some pictures for them. the shop is located on Melrose Ave. right by the Fairfax High School. the clothing will be only for womens. all the clothing is been designed by the owner Kana Saeki. she also has a nail shop in Torrance on Western Ave. and 182nd St. so if you girls have time, please take a visit 🙂 o, by the way, they are having a huge sale so check them out!!

先週はGLAMOROUS Stageさんのお店に遊び行って来ました。写真を撮るために。お店はメルローズ沿いにあるフェアーファックス高校のすぐ近くです。女性モノしかありません。ここにある洋服は全てオーナーの佐伯華奈さんデザイン。ネイルサロンも経営してます。場所はトーランスのウェスタンと182。女性の皆さんお時間のある時に是非起こし下さいまし :) そうそう、セールもやってるのでチェケラッチョです。

7711 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046

Korean Models

yes, korean models are HOT.


Ji Hye,

Hwang Mi Hee, (Huang Mi Hee?)

found it on MAXIM Korea/MAXIM誌韓国版で発見。

what sucks of being asian, is that people think were all the same… lol


one time found a post listed as HOT Chinese Model w/ nice booobs or what ever. so i clicked on. and i saw this one model from JAPAN instead of CHINA… wtf mang lol


The 2009 Nissan 370Z

yea, two months after i bought the 350Z lol wednesday went to J Lounge (nice place out there) for a unveiling event. didnt think it was formal so i wore my hoody and jeans with my DC skating shoes… kind of embarrassing… why didnt i use common sense? hahha but not like Nick where he had a DMV paper holding the line lol after the entrance was the little history of the Z displayed. just gotta love the S30 Z. the model is the best out of all the Z. the waitress were pretty hot handing out finger foods and their fake azz smiles. the bar was full open, meaning FREE drinks!! only took one shot of the yeagarbomb with brian and glen. got to meet a lot of people like one of the directors from Polyphony Digital from the SONY Group and BEST Motoring Japan’s CEO, etc.

350のZ買ってからまさか2ヶ月で出るなんてね(笑。水曜日はJ Lounge(かなり良さげな場所)でお披露目会的なのがありました。フォーマルだとは思わず、パーカに、ジーンズスニーカー…ちょっと恥ずかしかったよ。なんで常識的に考えなかったんだろう?笑。まぁ、ニックみたいにDMVの紙の仮免許証で列を詰まらせた程恥ずかしくはなぃけどねw。入り口を入ったらそこには歴代のZが並んでいました。やっぱS30のZはカッコイイですねぇ。あのZが一番好き。ウェイトレスのお姉ちゃん達も綺麗だったし。まぁ笑顔がかなりウサン臭かったけども。バーは、全ぇーん部タダ。飲み放題祭りでした。っつってもイエガーボムをブライアンとグレンで一杯飲んだだけですけどね。色々な人とも会えました。SONYグループのPolyphony Digitalのディレクターさんとか、ベストモータリングの代表さんとか、見慣れたメーカーさんとか色々。

and is time to reveal the 370Z.


so what do you guys think? personally, not really a fan of the new design. the exterior looks like its just been photoshoped where the pushed in the head lights and pulled out the rear fenders and just sticked in the VQ37HR from the G37 under its hood. the interior looks too futuristic to me. the rear fender’s volume is really sexy but just that head lights and tail lights… 😦 whats up with their designs these days? and plus the R35, which i am not an big fan of it as well. Lexus and Honda are coming out with their V10 super sports and Nissan left with a V6 twin turbo? come on that cant be a flagship model for Nissan? its true of what Porche’s manage said at a media conference for the R35. what they said is “Nissan CAN ALSO make sports car. But Porche MAKES sports cars”.thats a huge difference within the marketing. and the results are shown i guess. the R35 cannot be ranked as one of the top sports car like Porche and Lamborghini took place. i know for a while they will be popular with all the aftermarket manufacturers jumping in to make body-kits and suspension along with exhausts and seat rails etc. but what then? with that controversial design, is the old car fanatics gonna buy the car or what? will the wife allow er husband purchase this 370Z rather than the Honda Odyssey? hmmm….

皆さんはどう思いますか?なんか外装はフォトショップのツールで押し込んだだけに見えます…加えてリアフェンダー引っ張って出した的な。それでスカイラインのVQ37HRに換装しただけって感じですね。リアのボリューム感は色気があって良いんですけど、ライト系がなんだか… 😦 最近のデザインはどうしたんでしょうね?それにR35もなんだか…ちなみに、僕好きでは無いですね。レクサスやホンダはV10のスーパースポーツを作ってる中で日産はV6ツインターボ?それが日産のフラッグシップになっちゃうわけですか?やっぱ以前ポルシェがR35の発表会議で言った事は的を射てましたね。「日産はスポーツカーも作れる。ポルシェはスポーツカーと作る」。それはかなりマーケティング内で違いがあると思います。結果、スポーツカーランキング的なモノにはR35は入っていませんでしたからね。ポルシェやランボルギーニはランク内に入っているのに。出始めはやっぱ人気があるでしょうね。それにアフターマーケットの人達も商品開発で色々とやるでしょうし。エアロからマフラーにサスペンションやらシートレールなんかも。ただ、その後は?賛否両論なデザイン性で昔ながらの車好きはどう反応するでしょう?ホンダのオデッセイでなく、Z買おうかなぁーって言ってる旦那に嫁はOKを出すのでしょうか?むむむ…

Red Bull Drift, 2008

past weekend was the Red Bull Drift event at Port of Long Beach, CA. because of the mountain fires, the weather was not great at all. grey sky with ashes flying every where. plus the exhaust fumes and tire smokes with rubbers every where. and of course as a typical asian, my cigarettes lol. second day got better. actually much more better. for a newbie like me, setting the camera was hard… but i guess i had some great shots out of thousands of shots i took. i was pretty surprised the numbers of the BRIDE seats on the outer USA region drivers. since BRIDE does not fit the un-ordinary JDM sizing, we have a nitch market. lots of show cars have it, but not many of the race cars. we will be releasing the type XL for the ZETA III so hopefully this can enlarge our market a bit. but yea, past weekend was great. below are some of the shots. to lazy to explain the event right now so lets have the flicks do all the talking 🙂 btw, Rhys Millen have took first. congrats!!

先週末はレッドブル主催のドリフトのイベントでした。場所はカリフォルニア州のロングビーチの工業地帯。山火事のせいで天気は最悪でしたよ、マジで。空は灰色だし山火事の灰は飛び散ってるし。更に排気とかタイヤスモークにゴムのカス。そして、典型的なアジア人の、タバコ(笑。二日目は天気も良くなってました。むしろ絶好調。初心者の自分にはカメラの設定にアタフタしながらの撮影でした。でも、良く撮れた気がします。まぁ数千枚も撮れば、あるでしょう数撃ちゃ当たる的なノリで。結構ビックリしたのが他国の車輌のBRIDE装着率。BRIDEは日本人サイズなので、こう言ったアメリカや他国でのレース関係には結構不人気。座れないからねぇ。展示系だけの車輌とかにはよく入ってるんだけど、レース系にはやっぱ数が少ないッス。近いうちにZETA IIIのXLをリリースするから、これでマーケットがチョイと増えてくれると良いけど。とにかく、先週末は楽しかったですよ。下の写真はそんな二日間の数枚。ちょっと色々と説明するのが面倒なんで、写真に語ってもらいましょう :) あ、リース・ミレンが優勝しました。オメデトウございます!!

those were from the first day. now, the second day.


My Coffee Light Frappuccino

here is what i always get at Starbucks. hot day, cold day, raining, foggy, whenevers. the coffee light frappuccino with no whip. i dont understand why people orders coffee LIGHT and adds on extra whip on it… no point of making it light if the whip is added on… lol hahahha


heres what makes MY coffee light frappuccino so special.


yes i use the straw for the venti size cups 🙂

そう、ヴェンティ(USで一番デカイサイズ)用のストローを使うのです 🙂

Congrats A.C.E. G37

congratulations to Auto Concept Elite’s G37 for the award they have received at SEMA!! the G37 have receive “Best in Show” award, and now it will be in the next Gran Tourismo game on PS3!! and of course, we have our Holding Monster Logo placed on the car 🙂 thanks to the team and JR (the owner of the car) and others that supported this vehicle!! again, congrats guys!! i jacked some photos from Brian’s blog lol hahha enjoy the shots of this sexy mama.


***Photo Courtesy of Brian Filoteo***

This is How We Drink

went out for a drink the other day with the 4 of us. when to out for a grub, and to drinking. we opened 4 bottles of Shochu (Japanese Soju) in like about… 2 hours maybe? and my friend is knocked out… lol below is a picture of the after math at the karaoke spot.