Thanks for Giving Me a Holiday Weekend,

last week was the holiday weekend 🙂 i call it Thanks for Giving Me a Holiday Weekend instead of Thanksgiving Holiday. yea we get 4 days weekend. why not be thankful for giving us that holiday? had a great time over the weekend. starting with Thursday, the Thanksgiving day. we went to Chinese for a duck instead of a turkey since we are not a big fan of them. well, unfortunately we forgot to order them lol

先週末は祭日でした 🙂 サンクスギビングと言うアメリカの祭日です。数少ない4連休。いやぁー良いもんですねやっぱ4連休は。スゲー楽しかったッスよ。まずは木曜日から。この日はサンクスギビング当日。飲茶食べ行きましたぁー。七面鳥のファンでは無いので。でも結局北京ダックは食わず終い(笑。

Thanksgiving morning on Artesia blvd.


the food/食べ物。

afterwards, we went to friend’s house and chil-laxed for hours. and then went to go shoot pool and rent some movies to watch at home. simple day, but had a great time. and the real party starts from Friday!! hahaha


friday, woke up in the morning to go to the gym. worked out for like 2 hours. yea i’m trying to lose much weight as possible within a month. see how it goes… we had a little drinking party over at our friend’s apartment in Long Beach. had beers, beers, beer, some wine which they made me chug it from the bottle… and i hate wines… and beers and beers, chips. hahha. one of our friends passed out… 😦 stayed their til like 1am, went back to our fellow village Torrance, and waited for 2 of our friends to go karaoke. it was like 2:30AM when they finally came…  lol one of the chick’s tire came off from the rim… wtf? she decided to call AAA after karaoke, which was like 5 in the morning… hahahah of course AAA wont be here in 30 mins… lol we had to wait out in the cold for 2 damn hours… lol well, yea it was fun. went back home around 7AM and knocked out.


stole the pics from friend’s blog 🙂

友達んとこからパクって来た 🙂

saturday, woke up at like a little before 10AM. yea only 3 hours of sleep… lol went to the gym again. and mang i was knocked out afterwards lol went to the golf range and i shot over 300 balls that day. hahaha that was a lot of balls. went home, ate some simple dinner, and went out to shoot pool!! gotta buy the JOSS cue… stayed their til like 2AM, went to the karaoke again just to buy some coffee this time, and went home.


random Z pic while i was waiting for my friend. gotta wash her…


arirang in torrance.


sunday was my friend’s birthday party at Cafe ASA, yea baby the hostess bar lol we had shots of champagne, tequila, vodka… and had my redbull vodka in hand. mang the birthday girl was gone. hahaha she couldnt even walk straight. and of course, happy barfday at the ending. congrats mami-chan!!


the birthday girl and me.


the bar owner, Asa-chan.


he kicked me, so he got owned by me lol


yea she is drunk.


had a great weekend 🙂

良い週末でした 🙂


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