Day: 12/04/2008

Roll Center

so, i had couple people saying the Moon Face roll center adjuster will not re-locate the roll center. FAIL. if it does not make it any better, its a piece of ash disappearingfrom our line card. one of the post on the Z forum said something like this. “my friend with the suspension program said that, with that product cannot adjust the roll center yali yali yah blah blah etc”… well, what kind of suspension program is that? probably had the wrong calculation. so, please review the illustration below.

何人かにムーンフェイスさんのロールセンターアジャスターじゃ、ロールセンターは補正されないって言う意見がありました。そんな事はありません。もしそんな意味の無い商品なら、ウチの取り扱いリストから灰みたいに消えてますよ。Z用のフォーラムでこんな投稿がありました。「サスペンション・プログラムを持ってる俺の友達がこの商品じゃロールセンターは補正されない、アーダコーダどったらこったら etc」。…どんなサスペンション・プログラムなの?多分センターの出し方自体が間違ってるのかと。ってなわけで下記のイラストをまず参照下さい。

***image has been diformed for visual/画像は簡潔化されています***

the above illustration is how to calculate the instantaneous center of the wheel during the stroke of suspension and the roll center. point A will be the strut upper mount’s joint point. the green line is a linear passagewhere it goes through point A, forming a right angle with the strut angle. point B is at the knuckle joint. C is the point of lower arm’s connection point. the blue line is and extended linear where point B and point C connects. you cant see it in the illustration above, but point D will be where the instantaneous center is (point where linear A and liner BC connects). btw, the above illustration is for a MacPherson type suspension. so, with this instantaneous center will let us know that the wheel strokes by forming an arch around point D. well, this is only a instant center, and it will re-locate upon the stroke of the suspension. where instantaneous center D and the tire ground point E connects is called the swing arm (imaginary swing arm). the roll center can be found on where this imaginary swing arm intersecting when the counter-side is drawn. from this roll center will let us know that the vehicle will pendulate within this point.


so, above is the proper way to calculate the roll center.



lunch today was at Santouka, inside Mitsuwa Market in Torrance. originally, the ramen place is from Hokkaido Japan. mmmm great stuff. i really love this place. dont like Shinsengumi as much as people do… they say its Hakata Ramen, but hey, its not close enough to be called as a Hakata Ramen. its doesnt make the Hakata Ramen by adding the pickled ginger into it. Asa or Santouka is much more better for me. and also Umemura has great ramen too. well, its only my personal opinion. anyways, todays ramen was shio ramen with my special spicy special lol yea its reeeeed!!! hahaha i’m full and got the food coma… time for a cigarette break 🙂

今日のランチは山頭火でした。場所はトーランスのミツワ内。もともとは北海道かららしいですね山頭火って。いやぁー美味いね。ここのホント好きなんです。新撰組とかよりも全然好き。あそこは博多ラーメンって言ってるけど、別に紅生姜を足すと博多ラーメンってわけじゃーないっしょ?アサとか山頭火の方が全然美味いっす。あと、ウメムラとか。まぁ、個人的な意見と言うか趣味なんで。さて、今日は塩ラーメン特別激辛仕様です。ふふ…w。赤いっしょ!!!笑。スンゲーお腹いっぱいで食ったら眠くなってきちゃったよ…そろそろタバコ休憩の時間だね 🙂

close up?


Never Had a Ruckus

i was just checking on my stats for the blog and found out that some one was actually searching for me with a Honda Ruckus Fujisawa Shinnosuke… wtf? i never had a Honda Ruckus… i dont even have a motorcycle license.. lol hahaha hmmm why would people search for me with this key word??

ブログのステータスをチェックしてたら意外な検索ワードを発見。Honda Ruckus Fujisawa Shinnosuke…なんで?ホンダ・ルーカスなんて買った事もなければバイクの免許も持ってませんよ…笑。ん~なんで俺の事を探すのにあのキーワードなんで??

hmmm….. scary… 😦

ん~…なんか恐い… 😦