Day: 12/10/2008

BRIDE Display

random shot i took at my office today. boredom… lol !!! who the heck keeps making mistakes with the office number and fax number??? its says tel: and fax: so why not mistake!? geeesh… that noise irritates my ears… arrr… if another mistake, seriously i will cuss the personnel like no other. by the way, the current displays at my office is XAX II Limited, VORGA, and STRADIA Maziora. well, yea gotta get back to work. but before that, cigarette break 🙂

オフィスで撮った一枚。暇であります…w。!!!そして一体どこのどいつなんだファックスと電話間違えてやがんのは???tel: とfax: 書いてあるやんけ。ナゼ間違える!?ったくよぉ…あの音がスンゲー不愉快…ムゥー…もぅ一回間違えてファックスで送ってきたら罵倒してやる。ブッ倒してやる。あ、ちなみに、今の会社のディスプレイはXAX IIの限定版、VORGA、そしてSTRADIAのマジョーラ版。 さてさて、そろそろ仕事に戻りましょうかね。あ、でもその前にまずは一服してからだね 🙂

Dont Waste Fax

Attn: Brian (you know which Brian i’m talking about)

quit wasiting papers and ink in my fax!!! hahahaha



Fastest Auto Focus

ad from Olympus Korea branch (i think). the fastest auto-focusing model, E-3. nice ad. me like. thats definitely an fast auto focusing point lol hahaha i will even roll my pencil just to have a crips n’ clear focus. wont be that desperate though, i think.