Chum Churum

found this poster at Freshia Market today.


***courtesy of endenizen***

this poster is for the Chum Churum, some new Korean alcohol beverage. dont know if its really new, but lemme just say its a newbie in the market. the poster isnt that tempting. but the package is a real hotty. mang Lee Hyo Ri, (aka Lee Hyolee, E Hyo-Lee) is flam’n. the shot on the package is just HOT with her cleavage showing the crease lol hahaha well, didnt tempt me enough to buy the drink though. FAIL. hahaha. but yea, i was standing right next to the drink display while i was waiting for my KyoChon Chicken. hmmm… i will probably go buy a pack and try them at home.



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