Leica M3 5.0

here is what i got for my own christmas gift 🙂 just received it yesterday!

自分へのクリスマスプレゼントでこれをゲットしましたぁー 🙂 昨日届いたんです!


came with the nice wooden case.


this beauty right here.


look at them details!


and its really small. btw, the flash is sold separate.


and here are some shots that i took with the camera.


not bad yea? only if it had the macro… well, come on what do you expect? i’ve seen several ratings with one stars. why one? i’d give her a 5 out 5 for this masterpiece.  with that small lens and the small processor, thats enough. mad credits for the craftsmanship on this with all those details. if they thought this camera will be great like the Leica M8.2 or other digital models, no way. this is MINOX’s replica model. those cheap ass that thought they could afford a brand new Leica for under $200 is a FAIL. their compact digital camera’s flagship girl costs more then $5000. dont be expecting a high quality professional taking picture gadget. this is just to have fun with fashion shooting a compact digital camera. i really love this and i will give her five out of five 🙂

悪くないよね?マクロ機能が付いてたらもっと良いんだけど…まぁ、こんなもんでしょ?このカメラの評価で星1つが多かったけど、なんで一個なの?俺だったら絶対に五つ星だよねこの匠な技。この小さいレンズとそれに合わせたプロセッサーで充分でしょ。特にボディのディテールなんか最高じゃんね。もしこのカメラがライカのM8.2とか他のモデルと同じレベルだと思ったら大間違いでしょ。これはミノックスが出したレプリカモデルだよ。どっかのケチが本物のライカのコンパクトデジタルを2万以下で買えると思ったただのバカやで。本物のライカのコンパクトでトップモデル買おう思たら50万以上よ。たかだか2万以下でそなぃ高画質なプロの撮る写真んが撮れる思うなや。これは写真の一つの楽しみ方でファッション性もあるわけで。これマジ最高に好きっす。確実に五つ星でしょう 🙂

One comment

  1. I cannot believe it is so small. Your first few picture were deceiving – size looked bigger.

    But, the picture shows that size does not matter.. LoL ^_~ that is a pretty decent shot.

    Leica makes a great camera. Does it have a stabilizer?


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