Day: 12/16/2008

Random Convo.

Mr. Random (1:21:33 PM): I just had a total stoner moment
Mr. Ranom (1:21:36 PM): and I wasn’t high 
Me (1:21:46 PM): hahaha 
Mr. Ranom (1:22:00 PM): have you ever thought about piss
Mr. Ranom (1:22:10 PM): its fluid rushing out of our bodies
Mr. Ranom (1:22:16 PM): very strange 
Me (1:22:23 PM): wtf are you….? lol
Mr. Ranom (1:22:23 PM): and yet we hide ourselves when it happens
Mr. Ranom (1:22:30 PM): its like
Mr. Ranom (1:22:37 PM): dont like at the water coming out of my body!!
Mr. Ranom (1:22:42 PM): hahahahahahahahahahaha
Me (1:22:51 PM): dude…
Me (1:22:52 PM): hahahaha
Mr. Ranom (1:22:58 PM): i swear man
Mr. Ranom (1:23:01 PM): I feel like I am high
Mr. Ranom (1:23:18 PM): I think someone drugged me
Me (1:23:33 PM): its the economy
Me (1:23:45 PM): o8ama-san did it
Mr. Ranom (1:24:11 PM): obama drugged me
Mr. Ranom (1:24:42 PM): how about this fucking exchange rate
Mr. Ranom (1:24:52 PM): goddamn

GT Channel 350Z

here is what Koki-san from GT Channel sent me a while back.

この写真はGT Channelの湖亀さんが送ってくれました。

thanks for your support GT Channel!! 🙂

多大なサポート有難うございますGT Channelさん!! 🙂


couple days ago, i came home all drunk. next day i woke and i see my VIEWTY broken!!


wtf mang… lost the spring that was in there too… FAIL. now the dial part does not work… what a grungy cell phone it is now 😦 hmmm… gotta find a way to fix this. it was not cheap at all. for now, i’m using what i used for work. SOFTBANK X01HT. yea another JDM windows mobile. i hate this phone… oh well better then nothing. Brian keeps telling me to get the iPhone lol i dont want iPhone though… so many people has it. imma be a rebel Brian. hahahaha!!

なんなんだよチクショウ…なんかバネが入ってたんだけど、それも失くしちゃった…欠乏です。なんてみすぼらしい携帯になってしまった事でしょう 😦 とにかく、どぅにかして直さなければ。安くなかったんだし。今は、会社で使ってたソフトバンクのX01HT。うん、ウィンドウズ携帯です。これ、好きくない…まぁ無いよりはマシだからしゃーなぃけど。ブライアンがいっつもiPhone買えって言うんだけど(笑。俺は欲しくない…皆持ってるんだもん。俺は謀反人になってやるぞブライアン。ぬぁははは!!