Shrimp Chip, Mailed Out

the other day, i was shooting some random stuffs for work. like, caps, zippo lighters and etc stuffs. while i was eating my shrimp chips, i took a shot of that too. thought i would post it up on my blog later on. because i was using my SLR for the product shots with RAW file, the sizes came up to be pretty darn huge. had to resize them to send it to my customer. and of course resized the shrimp chip shot as well for later on use.  and heres some of the shots i took. not bad. hahha


and saved it into one single folder and zipped it. ready to be sent.


and i forgot to take out the shrimp chip.


sorry Alex, i didnt mean to send the shrimp chip to you!!


i failed 😦

失敗したねコリャ 😦


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