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強引My Way。


OS Giken Review

here is a quick email from OS Giken a while back.


If you have a chance, please check out the Feb. 09 issue of Grassroots Motorsports. An article concerning differentials is in there, comparing performance of the OS SuperLock, Kaaz, and the stock Torsen on an S2000. Needless to say, the SuperLock outperformed the competition and was the editors’ favorite of the 3.

Some highlights of the article:

“Essentially, the OS Giken provided the best of the two other differentials…”

“…he posted the fastest lap of the day when running the OS Giken…”

“Its very progressive lockup was just what our duo desired.”


Some things about the OS SuperLock that are not mentioned in the article:

          no break-in period required

          no need for rebuilds (with regular maintenance)

          as smooth as an open diff at low speed (no diff chatter), but still able to lock up to 100% under throttle

          no expense spared during manufacturing (raw-forged gears, heat-treated components, unique patented design)

Customer’s Car

here is a beauty from Kevin, his EVO 🙂

GIAS Maziora with Hyper Black cushions.

not only re-upholster the back seats but plus the logo!! niiiice

***all photo courtesy to Kevin Lee***


Thanks for all the support Kevin!!

My Ash Tray Stand

yes, my ash tray stand. whats so special about it? we welded. welded what? used car parts lol a used KYB suspension for the S13, two brake hubs from Nissan Laurel (import yo lol), and the 2nd gear of genuine S13 transmission… hahahha we had chairs made too with the brake disk, some suspension, connecting-rods etc.. but was too heavy and we trashed it. haha, but this ash tray, its not bad at all. the height is about the arm rest of a regular couch. and this thing is pretty stable. plus, you can place your cigarettes packs, lighters, even a drink around it for you to chill in my room 🙂

そうです。タバコの灰皿スタンド。何がそんなに特別かって?溶接で作ってあるんです。何を溶接したの?車の中古パーツww。KYBの中古サスS13用に、ローレル(USには無いので輸入モノw)二個と、S13の純正3速…ww。他にもイスとかも作ったんだけどねブレーキディスクとかサスとコンロッドとかで…ただ、重かったから持って帰れず、捨てました(笑。ただこの灰皿は中々のお勧め商品。高さは、ソファーの肘掛と同じぐらい。そしてかなりバランスが良い。倒れないね。それに、周りにタバコのパックとライター、更には飲み物まで置けるって言うね。これで俺の部屋ではかなりリラックス出来るはず 🙂

all i need to do is, clean this and probably color it.



took a shot of my friend Yuki-chan 🙂

親友の優喜の写真とった 🙂

and she took a shot of me with my MINOX Leica.

そして俺はMINOX Leicaで撮られた。

hmmm fashion photos… their hard… hahaha sucks that my transmitter was out of battery…


its better for me shooting races and landscapes i think.


so, another ghetto double exposure time!! hahah


Giuliano’s Delicatessen & Bakery

my lunch today. a friend of mine came over and dropped off a sandwich for me 🙂

今日のお昼。友人がサンドイッチを持ってきてくれましたぁー 🙂

thanks a bunch but dude, you forgot to take out the tomatos… lol



Giuliano’s Delicatessen & Bakery

Gardena, CA 90247

Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich and Onion Rings

my lunch today (just finished eating/3:00pm 😦 ) is from Neno’s Cafe in Torrance. i love them because they delivery. i ordered the grilled mozarella sandwich and some onion rings. there onion rings are great. waaay better then Denny’s, well yea of course. the sandwich was good too. really simple. bread, grilled mozarella, and mayonnaise, and… thats it. too simple so i threw in some of the italian sausage chunks and the pepperoni from the salad that came with it. much better. hahaha

今日のお昼は(ちなみに今食べ終わりました午後3時 😦 ) トーランスにある、Neno’s Cafe。ここ好き。デリバリーがあるからね。やっぱ便利よ会社一人の時とか。頼んだモノは焼きモッツァレラ・サンドイッチと、オニオンリング。ここのオニオンリングがまた美味いんだよ。Denny’s?いやいや比べ物にならなぃっしょヤツラとは。サンドイッチも美味しかったよ。シンプル。スゲー勢いでシンプル。パン、焼きモッツァ、マヨネーズ、…そんだけ。超シンプルだったので、サラダに入ってたイタリアン・ソーセージとペパロニを突っ込んだよ。良かったぜ。ふふふ。

Neno’s Italian Cafe

3939 W. Artesia Blvd., Torrance


they have myspace (of course i added them)

Double Exposure

so yea, another ghetto series lol hahaha of course, without a photoshop.


yes, double exposure (ghetto way) hahaha


what i did? simply allign the two different photo and use the effect “multiply” on your illustrator to the layer on the very top. and bam! you get the double exposure “looking” pic. hahaha


CARBOY Feb. Issue

the BRIDE mobile is on the cover of CARBOY Feb. issue 🙂

カーボーイ2月号の表紙にBRIDE号が載ってますぇ 🙂

this is Hirano-san’s car in Japan which competes in MSC Challenge and i think the D1 Street Legal.


Saturday Drive

yea i know.. its already Tuesday… i just hate uploading my blog on the weekend… i got better stuff to do than staying online on the weekends mang!!!! hahahaha 😛 and i cant really uploaded from my phone either.. iPhone time? lol

まぁ、もう火曜日なんだけどね…週末ってあんまブログアップしなぃかも… ブログなんか書いて家に居るよりかは週末は外に出て遊んでる方が楽しいんだよチクショウ!!!ww。携帯からのアップ出来ないし俺w。そろそろiPhoneか?w

had extra time and since the weather was nice and clear, was a bit cold but, went out for a random drive with muh Zeee weee. where to? didnt want to drive that far by myself.. thats… lonely lol haha so i went up to Palos Verdes just for a cigarette. dude, dont call me a loner. me had extra time 🙂 lol

ちょっと時間に余裕があり、天気も良かったので、ってもちょい寒かったけども、適当にドライブに行って来ましたウチのジェットモンガロンこと、Z33ちゃんと。何処へ行く?一人でそんなに遠くには行きたくなかった…寂しいじゃん(笑)ってなわけでパロス・バーデス、通称パロ山(なんだこの呼び方…)へタバコでも吸いに行く事に。暗い子って言わないで。ただ時間に余裕があっただけなの :) ww

gotta get some gas before i go. dude, the gas price wen up again…


from the Chevron on Western and Artesia.


driving up on Crenshaw to Palos Verdes.


cigarette breakette.


ahh the sun’s setting. wish a hot chick was next to me, not by my self.


whats the lens that has more flare and ghost? i kinda wanted a little more…


National Geographic style hahaha


ok, back to home.


traffic on Torrance Blvd with the train running.