Day: 01/07/2009

Joey Jordison Drum Solo

Joey from slipknot’s drum solo. is that a BRIDE seat hes sitting? lol


i love Neil Peart’s drum solo better though.. haha sorry Joey fans! but my personal opinion. come on, its a blog lol hahha but yea, i love Rush. specially that one song, “Limelight”. the bottom song is YYZ. the BEST 🙂

ニール・パーツのドラムソロの方が好きかな…ゴメンねジョーイーファンの人達!!でもこれは俺の個人的な意見なんで。ブログなんだしさぁ(笑。ラッシュ好きなんだよねぇ。特に「ライムライト」って曲がイイね。下の曲はYYZ。最強っしょ 🙂


yesterday, Kana took me out for a birthday dinner 🙂 thank you love! she took me to TOSCANA in West LA, on San Vicente Blvd. yay Italian food. the food was great!! saw Keanu Reeves at the place. or was it one of the look-alike guys? hmmm… i think it was the real Keanu Reeves. dont have a picture of him, but i have pics on the foods.

昨日はカナちゃんが誕生日ディナーに連れてってくれました 🙂 有難うラブちゃん!ウェストLAにある「TOSCANA」言うイタリアンに連れてってもらいました。超美味かったよ!!しかもキアヌ・リーブスが居た。似てるだけだったんかな?ん~…でもアレは本物だね。彼の写真は無いけど、食べ物の写真はあるよw。

waiting. 待ち。

it was packed. the pic was taken after lot of people left


since i dont drink wine, i had sparkling water and a beer.


veggie stick. didnt even bother to touch one lol


Burrata (was that the name?) for apetizer. cheese and veggie.


Calamari for another apetizer.


i ordered the Rissoto Alla Pas… forgot the name lol


heres what Kana ordered. the name sounded something like Vottega.


the dessert menu. デザート達。

cookies. クッキー的な。

warm cappuccino. 暖かいカプチーノで。

mmmmm TOSCANA. definitely gonna go again 🙂

いやぁーTOSCANA。間違いなくまた行っちゃうよね 🙂



 TOSCANA Restaurant

11633 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049