Day: 01/13/2009

IAS Long Time Ago

heres a pic i found from International Auto Salon 200…. two thousand… hmm cant quite remember. was it 2003? dont remember… yea Enonvativ use to distribute OS Giken. hahaha that was long time ago. picture with Nancy (to the left) and Yuki ( to the right)


How Do I Get More Visits on My Blog?

so, how do i get more visits on the blog? its simple for guys. talk about hot asian porn stars lol hahahaha seriously though. the power of JDM porn stars. and other actresses. i’ve posted about Maki, Yoko before. this post has been getting a lot of hits. i posted about her on June 2007. its been a half a year now (2009) and total hits i have is more then 6000. yea, she is hot though. too bad se got married. the news saying she got married brought me a lot of hits. i had around 550 hits that day. the power of hot chicks lol hahaha so, today, imma post about another happa Japanese porn star, just like Maria Ozawa, but with a little less exotic looking. still hot. Meisa Hanai. i wikipedia her. date of the birth1986 (ahh one year younger then me 🙂 ) July 20th. her dad is Japanese and her mom is Bulgarian. she loves to collect accessories and she loves Chinese food & chocolate. hates celery. how come there is no girls like this around Torrance? 😦

さて、どうやったらブログのヒット数が上がるか。男にしたら簡単ですよ。AV女優の事とか書いてればイイんだから(笑。いまマジで。日本人女優(AVのみならず、芸能、モデルなどなど)の力は半端ねぇー。以前ブログに真木ようこ(よう子)の事を書きました。それが2008年の6月頭ですね。それが半年後の現在1月半ば2009年、6000ヒット弱。いや真木よう子半端ねぇー。結婚しちゃったねそいえば。彼女が結婚したってニュースがあった日には一日で550ヒットぐらいあったよ。美人美女の力半端ねぇーww。ってなわけで、今日は小澤マリアと同じハーフの女優、花井メイサ。あんま知らないからウィキって調べた(ストーカーかっ)。生まれは1986年(お、俺の一個下なのね)7月の20日生まれ。父親が日本人で、母親がブルガリア人。アクセサリーを集めるのが趣味で(オジサン買ってあげちゃうよ)、中華料理大好き。あ、チョコも好き。セロリーは嫌いらしいよ。こういった子がナゼトーランスに居ない? 😦

found a clip of her on


just can’t understand why their acting is… 😦

なんでAV女優の子って大半が大根役者… 😦

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