Day: 01/22/2009

Central Cafe

3:00pm and do you still call that as a lunch? hahaha


went to Central Cafe in the complex today 🙂


yea Doritos Spicy Nacho and some random sandwich. beef and cheddar cheese melt sub was the name i think… i remember it was #17 on the menu!! hahaha it was ok, not that exciting of a taste where it invades my mouth.


the lady there had a biiiig smile talking to me though i didnt understand a word she said… sorry… 😦 i’m a quarter Korean but i dont speak Korean like you do…. lol

そこのオバちゃんがめっちゃ笑顔で話し掛けてきてくれたんだけど、何言ってるのかサッパリだったよ…ゴメンなさい… 😦 確かに俺は韓国人の血が1/4混ざってるけども、喋れるわけじゃないのよ…笑


Central Cafe

2367 208th St, #3 Torrance, CA 90501

tel: 310.782.1181

Clouds After the Rain

morning cloudiness after the rain on Van Ness Ave.


***taken with my VIEWTY KE990***

hmmm its kinda cold this morning… 😦

ちょっと寒いに今朝は… 😦

***taken with MINOX LEICA M3***