Day: 01/23/2009

Driving Pictures January 23rd 2009

on the way to work on Van Ness Ave.


had to go to LAX this morning to drop off my boss. i always drop him off at the Arrival gates instead of Departure gates lol hahaha less traffic this way. o yea, LAX was really empty today. what happen? Tom Bradley looked dead… 😦 we use to chill there at the international gate just to see the world’s beautiful womans walking out lol

今朝はLAXへ行きました。社長を降ろしに。ちなみに、ウチはいつもデパーチャーのゲートの方じゃなくて、アライバルのゲートの方で降ろしてますよ(笑。だってすいてるしさぁ。あ、そう言えば今日LAXスゲー廃れてたよ。どした?トム・ブラッドリーとかガラガラだった… 😦 昔よく行ったんだよねぇーインターナショナルのゲートん所に。なんでかって?世界の美女を探してたんだよね空港で(笑

Century Blvd was pretty packed…



*taken with MINOX Leica M3

i got this fish-eye lens 35mm camera as a birthday gift from my friend Sunny 🙂

誕生日プレゼントとして、魚眼レンズの35mmフィルムカメラを友人のサニーからもらった 🙂

*taken with MINOX Leica M3

thats Sunny. say hi to her… lol


*taken with LG KE990 VIEWTY

the lomography fish-eye. got the film in already. i still had some film left overs from my old camera. Canon Rebel 2000. found roll of film so i’ve been snapping around everywhere just like a tourist came to town. me so excited though how should i develop it?? lol well, good thing my scanner/printer has the negative strip reader what-so-ever thingy so i will be fine for now i guess. well, see how it goes.


 thanks Sunny!! 🙂

ありがとうサニー!! 🙂