Saturday Drive

yea i know.. its already Tuesday… i just hate uploading my blog on the weekend… i got better stuff to do than staying online on the weekends mang!!!! hahahaha 😛 and i cant really uploaded from my phone either.. iPhone time? lol

まぁ、もう火曜日なんだけどね…週末ってあんまブログアップしなぃかも… ブログなんか書いて家に居るよりかは週末は外に出て遊んでる方が楽しいんだよチクショウ!!!ww。携帯からのアップ出来ないし俺w。そろそろiPhoneか?w

had extra time and since the weather was nice and clear, was a bit cold but, went out for a random drive with muh Zeee weee. where to? didnt want to drive that far by myself.. thats… lonely lol haha so i went up to Palos Verdes just for a cigarette. dude, dont call me a loner. me had extra time 🙂 lol

ちょっと時間に余裕があり、天気も良かったので、ってもちょい寒かったけども、適当にドライブに行って来ましたウチのジェットモンガロンこと、Z33ちゃんと。何処へ行く?一人でそんなに遠くには行きたくなかった…寂しいじゃん(笑)ってなわけでパロス・バーデス、通称パロ山(なんだこの呼び方…)へタバコでも吸いに行く事に。暗い子って言わないで。ただ時間に余裕があっただけなの :) ww

gotta get some gas before i go. dude, the gas price wen up again…


from the Chevron on Western and Artesia.


driving up on Crenshaw to Palos Verdes.


cigarette breakette.


ahh the sun’s setting. wish a hot chick was next to me, not by my self.


whats the lens that has more flare and ghost? i kinda wanted a little more…


National Geographic style hahaha


ok, back to home.


traffic on Torrance Blvd with the train running.



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