Month: February 2009

Crane Cams,

just the read the news saying Crane Cams, the og people, have closed down.

sad news… very sad news 😦

i copy and pasted the full news from

DAYTONA BEACH — Crane Cams, a 56-year-old auto parts manufacturer, closed its doors this week and laid off its employees, a worker said today.

The news took Volusia County’s top economic development officer by surprise. City, county and state officials were working with Crane Cams and officials from its New Jersey parent, Mikronite Technologies, to keep the company open and in the community.

“We were trying to help them through this transition,” said Rick Michael, Volusia County economic development director. “They were considering a transfer of ownership. We were not expecting any closure.”

An automated voice mail system at Crane’s plant on Fentress Boulevard announced at midday today the company was closed and suggested calling back during business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A call to Mikronite’s New Jersey offices produced similar results. Six cars sat in the parking lot early this afternoon at the local plant, which employed 220 just three years ago.

Inside the lobby, a reception desk sat empty. A call from the lobby phone got an answer from Dennis Burgess, who declined to comment and said no one at the plant could provide information.

In the parking lot, 14-year employee Ronald Dorn was leaving the plant for what he believed was the last time

He said workers were told during the past week that layoffs were likely, but he didn’t expect the plant to close.

Mikronite received approval in 2006 to receive tax rebates from the state and the county amid discussion about moving its New Jersey operations here. But the company ended its contract with the state in 2008 due to nonperformance, Michael said.

“Crane has gone through a series of small layoffs recently,” he said.

Crane Cams and Crane Technologies Group were founded by Harvey J. Crane Jr. in 1953 as Crane Engineering Inc. in Hallandale. The company is well known in high-performance and racing circles for its line of camshafts and engine valve train components.

In 1979, Crane Cams became an employee-owned company. Some operations moved to Daytona Beach in 1981, with the remainder of the operation and employees relocating here in 1985.

Mikronite, an industrial technology firm, bought Crane in 2006.

In March 2007, Mikronite sold its property on Fentress to STAG Capital Partners of Boston, then signed a 10-year lease.




Bride on a BRIDE

yes, Mike’s bride Kelli is sitting on the BRIDE ZETA III on Mike’s time attack 350Z 🙂 this was for his engagement photoshoot by Photography. such an honor for us to be a part of this kind of photo. good this we have our logo on the head rest!! hahaha i jacked some photos from his myspace to share. Mike said ok, so here it is.

そう。英語で嫁はBride。ウチのシートはBRIDE(ブリッド)。嫁がBRIDEに座ってるぅ~。これはマイクのタイムアッタク号Z33。写真撮影は Photographyさんがやったそうです。いや、嬉しい事だよね、こういった記念物の写真にウチの商品が一緒に載るのって。ヘッドレストのとこにロゴがあって良かった!!笑。マイクのマイスペースからパクって来たよ写真を。ブログに載せてもイイって聞いたらOKもらったんで、載せます。

Crongratulation Mike and Kelli!!! 🙂

マイクとケリー、おめでとう!! 🙂

Store Out to Get Balsamic Bandit,

the MSN news just caught my eyes.


“a thieve with good taste”… lol


this balsamic vinegar has been stolen. not a cheap kind. the high end $30, $40 ones. but mang that phrase (quoted by the owner of the shop) is smooth… hahahaha “a thieve with good taste”… hahahahaha i know its a illegal thing to do, but this news article seems some what peaceful.


for some more details, please visit the link below.



SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX DG

i recently got SIGMA’s 50mm F1.4 EX DG 🙂

最近シグマの50mm F1.4 EX DGゲッツです 🙂

mmmm nice. came with a little carrying case as well. my other SIGMA, the 28-300mm didnt come with a case 😦 yea yea cuz this 50mm is the EX series… hahha

イイねぇ、これ。持ち運び用のケース付だったよ。自分のもう一本持ってるシグマの28-300mmなんかケースついてなかったよ 😦 これがEXとの違いか…w

took some random shots with it at home.


nice and soft 🙂 the focus point gets nice and sharp.

ヤワいねイイ感じで 🙂 ピントがあったところはスゴイくっきり。

o yea, i am now one of the Tokyo Night 009’s official camera man at the venue 🙂

あ、そうそう。東京ナイト009のオフィシャルのキャメラマンになりました 🙂

thanks to Kei and U-ki and Shin!



havent blogged about car stuffs lately… mostly oobies.. lol


so, today is AEROMOTIONS 🙂 buddy over in Nevada, Darin has this product. what is it? it is the 3D type rear wing that controls the aerodynamics with a brain. brain meaning, their ADAPT (AeroMotions Dynamic Aero Processor Technology/patent pending) monitors the vehicle’s acceleration, deceleration, speed, and lateralG and provides the best downforce. i think its better for you to see then read. i found Darin’s Budez GT-R on Youtube with the AeroMotion S2 type on track.

ってなわけで、今回はエアロモーション 🙂 ネバダに住む友達のデーレンが持ってるんだよねぇ。何これって?3次元タイプのGTウィングですね。しかも空力特性を上手い事読む脳ミソ付き。エアロモーション独自のADAPT(エアロモーション・ダイナミック・エアロ・プロセッサー・テクノロジー/特許出願中)が、加速・減速・速度・横Gを読み込んで、最適な空力を作り出します。的な。百聞は一見にしかず。デーレンのBudez号を発見したので見てみてぇ。使用しているのはAeroMotionタイプS2。

the retail is starting from $3999 USD an up. i believe its worth much more then buying some random body kit that is useless and not providing enough downforce to keep the traction and not being stable during the cornering G. no need for show cars though… lol if they aint gonna run the track, they dont need this type of treasury.


here a shot of Darin’s Budez GT-R 🙂

下はデーレンのBudez GT-R号 🙂


Postage Whatever Sales Call,

some random upgrade your postage service women called me just now.


she asked for a manager, so i told her i’m not here right now.


and she said, well then you might be able to help me out… she didnt get it lol


and she was just blabbing words straight out from the text trying to make me pay $30 for this whatever postage sh*t she was talking about. wasnt even listening to a word she said…


it was getting annoying so i told her, shut up.


Causing Traffic

she causes some mad traffic sometimes.


and that one in the pink on the right, every morning she is wearing the same out fit, pushing the baby kart, shaking her azz… wtf


Wilwood Brake Kit

our customer in Japan sent me a pic of their S30Z with the Wilwood brake kit.


they like the kit. no crack, the caliper is stayed closed… 🙂

スゴいお気に入りのようです。クラックも無く、キャリパーも開いてないし… 🙂