today was the R&D day for the new BRIDE seat. the ZETA III Type XL. finally a US big size came out from BRIDE. the big people couldnt fit in the regular ZETA III… i thought they were gonna snap off the bolsters when they tried sitting. the sizing, i think a size 42 inch will be nice and snug fit 🙂 by the way, this model is US limited. to place this seat’s position low as possible, another rail application has been added. Type XL seat rail. yea… lol hahaha

今日はBRIDEの新商品のR&Dの日でした。ZETA IIIのタイプXLです。やっとUSサイズが出ましたぁ。今までのモデルじゃアメリカ人とかのデカい人が入らなかったからね。横のボルスターなんかブチ壊すんじゃねぇーかと思ってたよ。サイズ的には、多分42インチのウェストサイズまでならイケるんじゃないかなぁ??そこら辺でイイ具合にフィットしてると思うんよね。あ、ちなみにこのXL、US限定ですので。シートポジションを低くするために、専用のレールも開発。タイプXLレールですw。

and here’s some of the pics.


the Type XL rail. looks like a FG but its slightly different.


you know, everytime i do the installation of some one’s seat, i find a lot of coins… lol


57 cents.

and here it goes. just testing to see if the rail fits or not. sorry, the car is dirty… 😦

さてさて。シートレールの仮止めッス。ゴメンね、車汚くて… 😦

and fits in perfectly 🙂

取り付けも完璧やろ 🙂

yea its a XL, barely clearing the doors.


from the top. the driver side, left shoulder bolster.


wish there was a little more space between the seat and the center… i could barely reach the slider lever… hahaha well, its a XL. you should adjust the seat belts for better accessibility.


took it out for a test drive after the installation. no problem at all. perfectly mounted, by ME!! hahaha seat position is now lower and i have extra space for my helmet 🙂 sucks to be tall huh? well, tall mans gets more attention from the chicks so its all good!! the down point is, we cant really fit in the LOTUS ELISE and EXIGE. i would have bought it if the car fits me. but no, fail big time.

取付け終わったし、テストドライブへ。問題無ぁーい。完璧な取付け、俺の力!!ww。これでシートポジションも下がったからヘルメットも被れるぅー 🙂 背高いと不便だよね。でもまぁ、チャンネーの目は釘付けだけどね!!w。でもやっぱ不便って思う事たくさん。ロータスに乗れないよねエリーゼもエキシージも。買おうと思ってたけども、ちょっとキツいんで、却下。



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