Day: 02/04/2009


one of my customers emailed me today to verify the seat.

another FAKE on

o, heres the link.


Q:  You say this seat weights 17kg or 38 lbs. Is that correct? I’ve heard these seats weigh less? Thanks
Hello, yes that is correct. These are the numbers that bride gave us, thank you.
Q:  I’m looking for a black gradation or blue? Can you get blue?
Hello, I am sorry we don’t have blue. Thank you.
  Q:  Hello, I am interested in either two of the Red Cuga or Gias Kevlar Gradation. If these are made in Japan and not Taiwan, why is item location in Taiwan…more
Hello, the item location is in Taiwan because we are located in taiwan and we purchased them from Japan. A normal racing seats consist of three things,…more
Q:  Hi, I might be interested in the Bride seat seat you are selling. Do you have a Gias Low Max, black with gradiation, standard cushion? If so, how…more
This auction is the Black with Gradiation GIAS seat. Are you looking for Gias Sports with full blacjk and red stitching? Shipping would take approx 10-15…more


dude, the first question about the weight, that is NOT correct you stupid eBay seller mothafacka. even with  the box is 34lbs. the actual seat’s weight is less then 30. your shiz weighs a lot cuz its a fake!!! what evers BRAKESTOP 101.

it just pisses me off that some people do attend car shows with fake shiz. and the judges dont even know lol wtf is up with that? not gonna mention any names but…  dude, and they claim its JDM. now mang those are not JDM. TRD right there. Taiwan’s Research & Duplicate. i’m not being racist ok? its just that, in this industry lot of the fake stuffs gets imported from Taiwan. no harm! i love Taiwanese people!! my ex was Taiwanese hahaha