Nikon D90,

***courtesy of Shinji Watanabe aka blackeyes***

the above music clip has been recorded by Nikon’s D90. the original song is Sober, by P!nk. btw, kool song 🙂 this clip was made for the camera test only. the band members are not real members but a pro-fashion models. the video looks awesome yea? love the taste of the clip.

上の動画はニコンのD90で撮影されたそうです。オリジナルの曲はP!nkのSober。カッコイイ曲やね 🙂 このクリップはカメラのテストで作った作品だそうです。バンドメンバーの人達はプロのモデルさん達らしいです。このクリップカッコイイすね。イイ味出てます。

here is some info on the clip. the whole clip was shot by Nikon D90 as mentioned. edited on Adobe Premier CS4. no special effects has been added on. only the first couple texts on the beginning (added by After Effects CS4) and thats it. some how, the D90’s AVI clip will not work on the Premiere’s sequence. so, had to download a media convertr to batch it. plus, update the file to 720P 24 frame non-compressed file.

この動画は最初にも言ったとおり、ニコンのD90で撮影されています。編集はAdobeのプレミアCS4で。エフェクトなんかは一切使用していないそうです。最初の文字のとこら辺だけAfter Effect CS4で追加したぐらいだそうです。ちなみに、D90のAVIはプレミアのシーケンスでリアルタイムで動かないそうです。なのでメィデアコンバーターでバッチ処理を施して、720P24フレームで非圧縮ファイルに変換してあるそうです。

***all sources from blackeye_photo blog***

link shown below the youtube clip.


well, dont really know about making a video clip.


my question is, do you really need a movie on a digital SLR? yea i mean its digital and all those but not least point and shoot (even my Minox Leica M3 has it) camera has the ability to shoot a movie. even cellphones. not talking shiet about the above clip though. i have respect for his work of course. and its not that i hate it too. but i dont know, it just doesnt fit me well with this digital SLR and movie thingy.




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