Day: 02/09/2009

Rains Cleared Up, so to Lunch

the rain has cleared up for now. still parts of skys are still ashed color.


and its a wrong day to wear a damaged jeans. wish the hole was closed…


lunch with Kana-chan today at Ichimian 🙂 i got the cold soba (dont ask me why) and the kakiage-don. finally i was able to eat their kakiage-don. everytime i go there, its sold out. but finally. yes, i can.

カナちゃんと今日はいちみ庵で飯 🙂 ざるそば(寒いのになんでとか聞かないで)とかき揚げ丼。やっと食えたよここのかき揚げ丼。毎回x2行くたんびに本日は売り切れなんですよと申し訳なさそうに言われた日々。久しぶりに食えたッス。イエス、ミーキャン。



Ichimiann Bamboo Garden

1618 Cravens Ave.

Torrance, CA 90510



Saturday TETRIS

Kie came over to kill some time at my house, and Yushi swung by as well after his work.


and TETRIS has begun.


ooohh Yushi pwned.


so serious… lol


any chance?


winner 🙂 the looser gets blurred lol

勝者 🙂 敗者はボカされるのだ(笑


i have a spondylolisthesis since i was born 😦 what is? some how, one of my spine (3rd one from the bottom) has an offset. plus its chipped… doesnt sound really pleasant.

脊椎スベリ症なんです、生まれつき 😦 何それって?何かの理由で、脊椎が(自分の場合下から三個目)が横にズレています。それに自分のは少々欠けているそうで…あんまイイ響きじゃないよね。

i had a pain on my back for a month now and did not go away. usually, it gets relievedafter a while though not this time. so went to the chiropractor this Saturday for a massage. they told me that the pain was from weariness, stress, and over-work of the muscle. specially on the left side. this is, since my right portion of the spine is chipped and “sled”. the left portion of my body nursed the right side to ease the pain. thank you my left side.


my back being electrocuted 🙂

背中に電気がウィィインって 🙂

plus got my back muscles loosen up a bit.


and now my lunch time at 2:00pm, Santouka Mitsuwa Market Torrance branch 🙂

そして昼飯は午後2時、トーランス・ミツワ内の山頭火 🙂

saw one of my buddy at the food court. he was pimp’n 3 chicks… wtf? and i’m eating by my-self in the food court on a Saturday? hahah mang i see how it is… lol




2383 Lomita Blvd.,

Suite 111

Lomita, CA 97017

tel: 310.530.8877

fax: 310.530.8827