Z34, 370Z

my friend Mike (owner of Double Down Motorsports.com) came all the way from Nevada today 🙂 well, not today but this week. congrats on your 370Z!! so, heres some of the pic of probably the fastest one around here (with an intake and a high-flow cat) 370Z 🙂

今日はネバダの友達、マイク(Double Down Motorsports.comのオーナーさん)が遊びに来ましたぁ。遠路はるばるアリガトウ!!っつっても来たのは月曜日かなんかで仕事の関係でこっちに来たわけで。あ、マイク、新車オメデトウ!!ってなわけで、この近辺では一番早いであろう(インテークと触媒交換済)Z34の写真 🙂
















btw, below is his 350Z.


Redline Time Attack from last year. think it was July.


thanks for dropping by Mike!!


check out his brand new store!! linked it below 🙂

彼のウェブショップをチェケラッチョしてみて!!下にリンクあるので 🙂




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