havent blogged about car stuffs lately… mostly oobies.. lol


so, today is AEROMOTIONS 🙂 buddy over in Nevada, Darin has this product. what is it? it is the 3D type rear wing that controls the aerodynamics with a brain. brain meaning, their ADAPT (AeroMotions Dynamic Aero Processor Technology/patent pending) monitors the vehicle’s acceleration, deceleration, speed, and lateralG and provides the best downforce. i think its better for you to see then read. i found Darin’s Budez GT-R on Youtube with the AeroMotion S2 type on track.

ってなわけで、今回はエアロモーション 🙂 ネバダに住む友達のデーレンが持ってるんだよねぇ。何これって?3次元タイプのGTウィングですね。しかも空力特性を上手い事読む脳ミソ付き。エアロモーション独自のADAPT(エアロモーション・ダイナミック・エアロ・プロセッサー・テクノロジー/特許出願中)が、加速・減速・速度・横Gを読み込んで、最適な空力を作り出します。的な。百聞は一見にしかず。デーレンのBudez号を発見したので見てみてぇ。使用しているのはAeroMotionタイプS2。

the retail is starting from $3999 USD an up. i believe its worth much more then buying some random body kit that is useless and not providing enough downforce to keep the traction and not being stable during the cornering G. no need for show cars though… lol if they aint gonna run the track, they dont need this type of treasury.


here a shot of Darin’s Budez GT-R 🙂

下はデーレンのBudez GT-R号 🙂



  1. This price point seems cheap for this technology… not to mention, it isn’t as aesthetically awkward as you’d expect a wing like this to be. This is awesome.

  2. I think they need to put the wingstays further outward haha

    Always looks more mean with the wide stance

    Pretty neato product though

    1. neato producto. hahaha
      yea i think if the stay were further out it would have been looking mean.
      but i dont know, if they did, maybe the flaps wont work.. lol


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