Day: 03/02/2009

Guess I’m Lucked Out on Electricity Today,

went back after work. open the doors, turned on my light.


i’m out 😦 hahahaha it was my office first, and now my room? lol

点かない 😦 www 最初は会社が停電し、今度は家?笑

now i have to make a trip to Target for a damn bulb (uno piece)? dude…


good thing i had a small light stand for sub.


been working in the dark lol


Lights Out,

our office was under “No Electricity” motha facka.


had to go numba 2 in the dark… took my LED flash light with me though 🙂

暗ぁーい中、トイレに「大」を落としに…LEDのフラッシュライト持って来ました 🙂

the whole complex was out of electricity for like hour and a half.


what i did? chilling with my cigarette out side 🙂 hahah

何してたかって?そこでのんびりタバコ吸ってたよ 🙂 ww

now, back to work.


Late Winter Storm

***courtesy of MSNBC***

Northeast pounded by snow. dude, its March already. flights and schools cancelled (for school, last time having a snow day lets take a day-off from school was in 2004), train delay, maaad traffic, etc. see the full story line from the link below.  those of you who uses hotmail and livemail accounts bet they have seen it already thouhg… lol hahha


if it snowed in where i live, Torrance or anywhere near, it will be dangerous i bet. people cant stop, turn, or even go. and i know my friends will start drifting in the snow and hit some bus stop benches and go home with a fender piece in their trunk lol  btw, in Torrance, it just sprinkled for like few seconds… hmmm rain again?