Day: 03/03/2009

King County Sheriff Deputy Assaults 15 Year Old Girl in Jail Cell,

now thats fucked up mang.


this officer is being charged 4th degree assault.


what kind of a man will be beating up a 15 year old girl like that? yea some chicks do like it when they get their hair pulled and getting their ass spanked, but thats during sex mang. not in the jail cell. Deputy Paul Schene can go to hell. thats why i hate the police/sheriffs. there are some that i know of are real chill but some of the ass holes like this… god damn. clean up the stupid mess before giving out modifed exhaust tickets to people and chilling at starbucks fags.


Spark Woodfire Grill

Valentine Dinner pics 🙂 yea, i know its March already. hahaha

バレンタインの飯ん時の写真 🙂 うん、もう3月だよね。遅いっての(笑

where to? Spark Woodfire Grill!!

何処へ?Spark Woodfire Grill!!

mmmm, Italian…yum 🙂

ん~、イタァーリアァーン…美味っ 🙂

this is what Kana-chan ate. hooo lamb chop and some rice.


this is what i ate. lamb chop, baby back ribs, shrimp and potato.


the cappuccino came in a really small cup… looks exaggerating small when i hold it lol


Kana-chan and me.


the place was great 🙂 not too expensive then i thought it would have been.

良かったよここ 🙂 思ったよりも高くなかったしね。


Spark Woodfire Grill

9575 W. Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90035