Spark Woodfire Grill

Valentine Dinner pics 🙂 yea, i know its March already. hahaha

バレンタインの飯ん時の写真 🙂 うん、もう3月だよね。遅いっての(笑

where to? Spark Woodfire Grill!!

何処へ?Spark Woodfire Grill!!

mmmm, Italian…yum 🙂

ん~、イタァーリアァーン…美味っ 🙂

this is what Kana-chan ate. hooo lamb chop and some rice.


this is what i ate. lamb chop, baby back ribs, shrimp and potato.


the cappuccino came in a really small cup… looks exaggerating small when i hold it lol


Kana-chan and me.


the place was great 🙂 not too expensive then i thought it would have been.

良かったよここ 🙂 思ったよりも高くなかったしね。


Spark Woodfire Grill

9575 W. Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90035




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