Day: 03/04/2009

McDonald’s 911 Call, for a 10pcs. of Chicken Nugget,

found an interesting news today. a chick calls 911 because McDonalds were out of chicken nuggets… she did pay her order at first. but McDonlad did not have any chicken nuggets available… lol so she decided to call 911 for help… and police did take a visit to rescue her, instead arrested her for the mis-usage of the emergency call… hahahahaha wtf? below is the copy of the first paragraph of the news.


「Latreasa Davis is Not the First Person to Misuse 911 and Call Over a Fast Food Incident

Latreasa Davis, of Fort Pierce, Florida, ordered a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s, and after she paid for her order, she was informed they were out of Chicken McNuggets. Latreasa Davis only wanted her 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and not anything else off the menu — as she was offered. She called 911 from McDonald’s 3 times to report the incident. Each time she called 911, she explained to the 911 dispatcher what had happened. Latreasa Davis was told the first time she called 911 that an officer was coming out to speak to her. Police did arrive, but instead of helping her get her McNuggets, they arrested her for misusing 911. You can listen to the 911 McDonald’s calls here

Burger King had this kind of issue before as well… lol people… geesh.. hahaha… hahahaha


below is the actual link.



Drinking Pics,

some drinking pics with the asian buddies.


hmmm… why did i throw that sign?? lol


the guys. there was chicks too but cant find the pic…


Rogan-san says Women Slayer Shino-san.



my mouse 🙂 SIMPSON BANDIT mouse.


white for home use and,


black is office use 🙂

黒は会社用 🙂

i still have one white and 2 yellow left!! who wantsta!?