Day: 03/12/2009

St Dupont

since Justin posted his on rogansan, imma post mine here!!! hahaha


it aint ball’n like Justin’s though.. its a Gatsby.


dude these gas costs $6 each… high maintenance fee…


i also have another one which is like 40 years old 🙂 doesnt work… nor can be fixed they said. a lot of the hardwares changed from before and they said its not available. the guy told me they will check back with the head quarter for me but have not got back to me yet… 😦

もう一個持ってるですよえ実は。40年ぐらい前の 🙂 使えないんだけどね…しかも直らないらしい。なんか、中のパーツが昔とはもうまるっきり違うみたいで、手に入らないらしい。店員の子が本社に聞いてみるよぉーって言ったっきり連絡ないし… 😦

o yea, gotta go get some gas now… hahahaha


BOSOZOKU Pic from Japan

my friend in Japan sent me some pictures of the bosozoku meetings held at some ramen place. too bad that the quality is low.. i thought JDM cell phone had like 10 mega pixels, no? lol i told her to take her camera instead for the next meeting if she’ll be going to one.


below are some pics. looks fun…