Day: 03/16/2009

Tokyo Night Meet-Up @Musha, Torrance

after HIN Anaheim, had to attend to a meet-up for Tokyo Night, or just call it as a “because we want to drink lets have a meeting prior to the event” gathering at Musha Torrance branch. there was like 30 of us invading the center island of the place. total of girls, 5 (6? dunno~)the girls either came with their boyfriend, or you know… um… ya… hahha it was a massive cock fest that night lol


buddy brought a redbull to earn his wings.




more people to come.


we were drinking from 9pm till like 11:30om or something.


MUSHA Restaurant

1725 W Carson Street

Torrance, CA 90501


o yea btw, i will be one of the official photographer for Tokyo Night 009 🙂

あ、ちなみに今回の東京ナイト009ではオフィシャルのカメラマンやります 🙂






after everyone left, went to the hostess bar to meet up with my buddies 🙂 this time, went to Club Celeb located on Artesia and Normandie. my first time there!! the grand opening was like 2 months ago. Jun-chan, the owner is a friend of mine and wanted go take a visit atleast once to say hi. we drank their till like 2am… lol and took the hostess chicks to Karaoke. well, i left early since i was sooo tired… sorry i dont have the address right now. not showing in the

皆帰った後は別の友達の所に合流 🙂 今度はアーテジアとノルマンディーにあるクラブ・セレブへ。初めてでした!!グランドオープニングが2ヶ月ぐらい前にあって。オーナーのジュンちゃんとは友達なんです。いい加減挨拶ぐらいには行かないと、と思っていてやっと行けました。セレブで2時ぐらいまで飲んだ後は女の子達とカラオケへ…笑。まぁ、俺は眠かったんでバックレかましたけどねぇ…

found these guys chill’n at the parking lot.


dude its already 3am… lol hahah lets go home yo~


what a saturday it was 🙂

色々あった土曜日でしたよ 🙂

Mini Corvette,

Nick had a kick azz pimp mobile, the full carbon fiber Corvette.


and look, it got BRIDE seats 🙂

見て見て、BRIDEのシートなんだよ 🙂

is that a EXAS III hyper red?? lol hahahaha

これって、EXAS IIIのハイパーレッド?www

i test drove it, though…


i barely fit lol hahahaha


I was at HIN,

now is some more snap shots of the people.


here’s the link to snapshots of the cars.


I was at Hot Import Nights,

March 14th was Hot Import Nights. which was held at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim California. dont know why they’d call HIN “LA” with the venue in “Anaheim” but who cares. if  Joser didnt tell me it was gonna be at Angel’s Stadium, i wouldve went to the LA convention center. thanks, Joser… lol hahah

3月の14日はHot Import Nightでした。今回はちょっと変わって、場所はアナハイムにあるエンジェルすスタジアム。なんでHIN「LA」って言ってたのかわかんないけどね「アナハイム」なのに。まぁ、どうでもイイんだけどさ。友達のホゼぃがエンジェルススタジアムだよ今回って言われてなかったら、毎年のようにLAのコンベンションセンターに行ってるとこだったよ。アリガトウ、ホゼィ…笑

i was walking around with my new Sigma 50mm i just bought. forgot my speedlite though.. hahha oh well. its all good. left the venue while it was bright since i had a meeting to catch on that night for Tokyo Night. following are some random snap shots of the cars.


gonna upload some of the oobies next time.


its almost 1:30am…