Tokyo Night Meet-Up @Musha, Torrance

after HIN Anaheim, had to attend to a meet-up for Tokyo Night, or just call it as a “because we want to drink lets have a meeting prior to the event” gathering at Musha Torrance branch. there was like 30 of us invading the center island of the place. total of girls, 5 (6? dunno~)the girls either came with their boyfriend, or you know… um… ya… hahha it was a massive cock fest that night lol


buddy brought a redbull to earn his wings.




more people to come.


we were drinking from 9pm till like 11:30om or something.


MUSHA Restaurant

1725 W Carson Street

Torrance, CA 90501


o yea btw, i will be one of the official photographer for Tokyo Night 009 🙂

あ、ちなみに今回の東京ナイト009ではオフィシャルのカメラマンやります 🙂






after everyone left, went to the hostess bar to meet up with my buddies 🙂 this time, went to Club Celeb located on Artesia and Normandie. my first time there!! the grand opening was like 2 months ago. Jun-chan, the owner is a friend of mine and wanted go take a visit atleast once to say hi. we drank their till like 2am… lol and took the hostess chicks to Karaoke. well, i left early since i was sooo tired… sorry i dont have the address right now. not showing in the

皆帰った後は別の友達の所に合流 🙂 今度はアーテジアとノルマンディーにあるクラブ・セレブへ。初めてでした!!グランドオープニングが2ヶ月ぐらい前にあって。オーナーのジュンちゃんとは友達なんです。いい加減挨拶ぐらいには行かないと、と思っていてやっと行けました。セレブで2時ぐらいまで飲んだ後は女の子達とカラオケへ…笑。まぁ、俺は眠かったんでバックレかましたけどねぇ…

found these guys chill’n at the parking lot.


dude its already 3am… lol hahah lets go home yo~


what a saturday it was 🙂

色々あった土曜日でしたよ 🙂


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