Day: 04/02/2009

OS Giken,

i was at,


Toyota Tsusho America, to pick up a OS Giken LSD for a customer 🙂

トヨタ通商にOS技研さんのお客様のデフ拾いに行きました 🙂

get back to work Mark.


Sean re-doing the initial torque and stuff. i use to do this too, so laborious… lol


Lindsay Massaro Sex Charge,

just read the news about Lindsay Massaro’s sex charge.


heres a simple outline: a 23 year old student teacher Lindsay Massarohas been arrested for sexual assault. what she did? it says, sexual penetration and sexual contact with a 8th grader which she taught. the relationship has lasted for about a week back in March.

簡単な概要はこんな感じ: 23歳の教育実習生リンジー・マサローが性的暴行の罪で逮捕されました。彼女は何をしたか?彼女が教えるクラス(中学二年生)の男子生徒と性的な関係をもったとされています。交際は3月に約1週間続いたそうです。

well, was she hot? hahaha i mean, who knows? there is a type of love like that. youger guys with older women. but why would that be a “Sexual Assault”? it says that the relationship lasted for a week or so. doesnt that mean that they both have agree to have a sexual intercourse, no? at least it wasnt like a rape situation or anything. because the kid is a minor, its consider as an assault? hmmm… dont quite understand. when i was an 8th grade, use to vapor all sorts of things. and yea older women was in my imagination. a hot student teacher asking you to stay after school and stuff… lol and i think thats a healthy 8th grader thats getting ready for high school. sucks for minors that because they were born late, you get limited and you watch the adults do whatever they want. well, forget it. its controversial. i will stop before people start arguing lol