Its Kinda Embarrassing being Asian Now,

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dude… that seems to be in China but still… lol no chewing cum? hahahahaha LMFAO i’ve seen Korea Engrish and Japan Engrish here and there in the website… 😦 hmmmm now that i’ve seen a lot of these, its sorta embarrassing. making us Asians living out of state seems to be such a fag. how cum, i mean, how come they dont check the definition and grammars!? even my monkey can do better then that son. pay me, and i will do it!!

これは中国での一枚っぽいけどさぁ、まじで…笑。no chewing cum?精液を噛むなって?笑!!!超バカじゃね?wwwww。韓国でも日本でもこう言ったEngrishは多いんだよねぇ。このウェブサイト見てて色々見つけたけど。なんかアジア人である事が恥ずかしくなってきたな。超バカじゃんね。なんで意味とかちゃんと調べなかったの!?バカじゃねぇーの!!?ウチの猿でも出来るはボケ。金払ってくれれば俺がやったるわっ!!

more ENGRISH can be seen at


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