a message my dealer got today.

“Hey, I was just wondering if you had any kind of warranty on your brake pads that you sell. I purchased a set of Hawk HPS pads last year around this time, and I already need a new set of pads.”

wtf? you think a used brake pad for about a year be under warranty?



  1. きっとオートゾーンとかがライフタイム・ウォレンティとかしちゃうからじゃない?

    1. Q,

  2. A friend of mine who has a shop told me a customer came in and yelled at him because she claimed that he didn’t replace the rotors when they did the brakes….brakes were making noise now

    Turns out it had been 2 years LOL

    Some people man…


    1. Logan,
      geesh lol seriously, we get those kind of fags fixing up there car and fuks up in the streets making us look like an crazy azz hole. no good man, no good.

  3. You wouldn’t… yes, you would… believe some of the stuff I get on a daily basis. I think I’m an ignorance magnet. I set myself up by saying that, but it’s true.

    1. Phil,
      ignorance is bless. i know… but it just catches my eyes and cracks me up… hahaha and dude it is true… 😦


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