Day: 04/10/2009

Ultimate Police Car,

i heard there was a convertible police car in LA so i searched online. didnt find a pic of a convertible police car in LA, though found this guy.


Caparo T1 RRV(Rapid Response Vehicle)

***source from***

this seems to be only a concept car. hopefully it stays as concept lol i dont wanna see this in my rear view mirror flashing lights or else i will we my pants. this seems to be the idea of the UK Metropolitan Police. 3.5L V8, 575hp at 10,500rpm. 0-100mph in 5sec… lol thats gangsta. i’ve seen Lamborghini high way patrols before but this one is outrageous.


searching for some police car is pretty interestingi thought.


o yea, heres a clip of a Caparo T1. street legal? geesh.


La Capilla Mexican Restaurant,

last night, went to La Capilla in Torrance.

昨夜はトーランスにあるLa Capillaに行きました。

bomb Mexican food there. plus, a hot chick working 🙂

超美味なメキシカン料理があります。かわいいウェイトレスもいた 🙂

served with free tortilla chips and salsa.


here is what Kana-chan ordered. damn cell phone camera i cant see the beef fajita lol


heres mine. some combo with enchilada, beef taco, and stuffs.


i use to go here often during lunch hours for a taco and chips n’ salsa.



La Capilla Mexican Restaurant

1332 Sartori Ave.

Torrance, CA 90501