Day: 04/17/2009

Top 10 Predictions for the Future,

found this interesting article on MSN news today.

Top 10 Predictions for the Future.

#1) Everything you say and do will be recorded by 2030. by using a nanodevice called ubiquitous providing people with a IP address, being recorded and be netwroked among others. we will have human implants. wow sounds so sci-fi… this was stated by Gene Stephens.

#2) Bio-violence will become a greater  theat as  the technology becomes more accessible. genomic, nanotechnology, micro-science, nano nano nano. newly developed viruses and bacteria may cause an major bioattack to the world. maybe like Biohazard? people become zombies? this was stated by Barry Kellman, Antonietta M. Gatti, and Stefano Montanari.

#3) The car’s days as king of the road may soon be over. with more communication methods that will reduce demand for traveling, flying delivery replacing the forwarder trucks, and restrictions on vehicle ownership may cause a certain loss of the automobiles. if this happens, what are us aftermarket industry people will do? make body kits for air crafts? lol Thomas J. Frey stated this.

#4) Careers, and their preparatory college majors, are becoming more specialized. meaning a growth of unique new and niche career as a major. lets say, you are majored in Business. but more students are starting to explore in sustainable business, strategic intelligence,  and entrepreneurship. this was from World Trends & Forecasts.

#5) There may not be world law in the foreseeable future, but the world’s legal systmes will be networked says Joseph N. Pelton.. Global Legal Information Network will grow its membership up to 100 countires plus in 2010. which be next year. this will allow them to creat international partnership and stuff. yea stuffs. i dont know… hahha.

#6) Professional knowledge will become obsolete almost quick as it’s acquired. a personnel’s professional knowledgeare been outdated with shorter period of time. its not that people are stupid. just that more and more information are growing and people needs to study for the necessityof market. this was by Marvin J. Cetron and Owen Davies.

#7) The race for bio-medical and genetic enhancement will be what the space race was in the 20th century, says Gregory Stock, a UCLA professor. people are ready to invest money into this bio-medical and genetic enhancements. just that people are so agony.

#8) Urbanization will hit 60% by 2030. more people popping out and more development of the enviroment will be making the condition worse via loss of carbon absorbing plants which increases the rate of global warming. by Marvin J. Cetron and Owen Davies. o, these are the guys that stated the  world law systmes.

#9) The middle east will become more secular while religious influence in China will grow. with the study of University of Michigan, support for religous government is lowerd. in 2004, 1/4 of the respodents polled as to separate the religion and politics being separatd in Iraq. it has been decreased t 1/3 in 2007. some reports states that religion China will more likely be increased as a result of economic activity and globlaization. the source was from World Trends & Forecasts.

#10) Access to electricity will reach 83% of the world by 2030 as Andy Hines expects. back in 1970 was 40%. the year 2000 was 73%. electricity is one of the demand in this current world. stated by Andy Hines.

whats really gonna happen? i pretty sure i dont want that nano things around me…

below is the actual source.

I was at Signal Auto,

went to Signal Auto.



found the S15 🙂

S15見つけた 🙂

whats that black on the left hand corner? thats my palm… lol sorry.


also, found Bullet Proof’s R35. what happen to the lip? lol


why i was at Signal? i went to go pick up some paints for my customer. mang didnt know they sold the MAZIORA colors by spray cans. i want some color my cell phone battery covers and other stuffs… hahha


heres the can.


Signal Auto USA

1719 Abalone Ave.


Torrance, CA 90501


Lucien Piccard

Kana-chan gave me this!!


Lucien Piccard 🙂 she bought this a while back and only wore it like twice… geesh shes a G lol i love watches 🙂

ルーシアン・ピッカード 🙂 結構前に買ったらしいんだけど、2回ぐらいしか着けてなかったらしい…ギャングスタやね(笑。時計とか超好き 🙂

Lighters & Golf Balls,

you are chill’n at your room, and soon you will get bored.


so, you will stick in a lighter between your lower lip and your nose,


or, grab two golf balls and throw ’em in there.


add a accessory,