I was at Signal Auto,

went to Signal Auto.



found the S15 🙂

S15見つけた 🙂

whats that black on the left hand corner? thats my palm… lol sorry.


also, found Bullet Proof’s R35. what happen to the lip? lol


why i was at Signal? i went to go pick up some paints for my customer. mang didnt know they sold the MAZIORA colors by spray cans. i want some color my cell phone battery covers and other stuffs… hahha


heres the can.


Signal Auto USA

1719 Abalone Ave.


Torrance, CA 90501





  1. I was happy as u were crazy as usual!!(^o^)/
    Why dont u paint Maziora/Andromeda on ur Z….niko niko

    1. it was good to see you too Hime 🙂
      i would love to paint my car Maziora… if it was fully sponsored!!! hahaha

    1. Ty, pr can was like a little more then $100 USD…
      hrmmm… kinda expensive… but i know, we still want it lol


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