Day: 04/21/2009

Tuts My Barreh,

found this on buddy’s myspace… lol


dude i might have japanese accent but geeeeehs lol!!


OS Giken Mini Cooper Dominates Track,

congratulations to Ian Stewart and Maitland Performance at the NASA event 🙂 past weekend was a NASA series at Homestead Miami Speedway. 15 seconds of faster lap times from the other Mini and even 2 seconds faster then the 350Z that was in the same class. ofcourse, Ian took the win. below is the onboard clip from youtube.

with the OS Giken LSD installed, the team has reported to OS Giken that there is no unwanted understeer and much more higher corner exit speed. also the car is being equipped with STRC1CD clutch.

Baskin Bucks,

dayum hot last night 😦


so me and Kana-chan decided to go get some ice creams.


took a walk to Baskin Robins and ordered these.


and off to Starbucks now… lol