Day: 04/22/2009

Spy Shot

found her on the way to lunch.


hmmm which car is this…? i think its a Toyota. saw the new FJ Cruiser looking behind couple cars. was not able to take the picture for that one though. its pretty fun kicking it at Torrance since you get to see these covered testing cars on the street.



new shades 🙂

新しいサングラス 🙂

from DITA’s sun collection, BERETTA 8300B. guess who gave this to me Logan… lol features hand crafted Zyl Acetate Frame with UV protected lens, manufactured in Japan. yea Japanese artisan. i love this new shades Kana-chan gave me 🙂 Arigato love!

ディータのサン・コレクションより、ベレッタ8300Bです。誰からもらったと思うローガン…笑。ジール・酢酸塩フレームにUV保護のレンズ。日本製だそうです。さすが日本の職人。カナちゃんからもらったこれかなりのお気に入り 🙂 アリガトらぶちゃん!

how do i look? hahahaha