Car Attempts Attack on the Dutch Royal Family,

just saw the news on youtube. the following clip explains how this happened.


this is horrible. a great holiday in Netherlands were shattered by this one car. several died in this and many are injured. lets hope that people whom were injured recovers soon. and for the people that have past away, lets pray for their peaceful rest.


MSN has an outline of this assault tha happened today.


what is happening right now? we have North Korean missle alerts in Japan, this horrible accident in Netherlands, level 5 alert of the Swine flu…



  1. Why is there a media blackout on his name? I suppose it’s obvious. He was a muslim. The censorship in Holland must be fierce.

    1. Bo Fritz,
      sorry for the late reply.
      havent really kept with the news lately… is this one of those religious attacks?

      i dont really care about religions. but, gets on my nerves when they force you in.


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