Driving Range and to Bayside,

after work yesterday, Takatori-san and Hiro-kun were eating together. they decided to drop by at Dominguez Hills Golf Course to kill some time. i was home that time watching TV, and i knew they were gonna call me that night since Takatori-san is going back to Japan Thursday. had to go numero dos before leaving the house. didnt want to sh*t in my pants swinging my golf club.


and here we are at Dominguez Hills golf course on Main St.


Dominguez Hills Golf Course

19800 Main St. Carson, CA 90745



got the pics from Hiro-kun 🙂

ヒロ君から写真もらいましたぁ 🙂

went to bayside afterwards.


Bayside Karaoke

2212 W Artesia Blvd

Torrance, CA 90504



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